Idratazione del corpo, perdiamo acqua anche quando siamo a riposo

We lose water even when we are resting

Even when we are sleeping, our bodies lose fluids which are replenished

MILAN – A hydrated body is a healthy body, whatever the season. Whether we are in the office, travelling, or on the sports field, being slightly dehydrated can influence our mental and physical performance. The first signs are a lack of energy, loss of concentration and mood swings. Other symptoms can develop later, such as irritability, muscle weakness and a dry mouth.

Our bodies even lose water when we are not physically active

During the summer season, the body tends to perspire more, especially due to heat and humidity. The body loses water, particularly during physical activity and when temperatures are higher, but it is important to remember that our bodies lose water every day, starting with the most basic of actions: breathing, sleeping and when we perform many other natural actions.

Advice for staying adequately hydrated

In order to consistently maintain appropriate physical and mental performance, with a healthy diet and the right amount of water intake, several tips could prove useful:

- Ensure you consume the right amount of fluid and electrolytes

- Always keep a bottle of water to hand and, to give it a bit more flavour, add a little slice of lemon

- Drink water frequently without waiting for signs of thirst

- Whatever the situation, it is better to be well-prepared, so you can prevent dehydration before it occurs

by editorial staff