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“Wearable technology” is hydration’s best friend

Nobo launches the first “wearable” device capable of constantly measuring the body’s hydration

LAS VEGAS ­– From now on constantly monitoring levels of hydration will no longer be a problem for people, especially athletes. Thanks to Nobo’s idea the first portable device that uses proprietary technology (patent pending) has been created in Las Vegas. It is called B60 and through luminous rays is able to draw up a table of detailed information on a person’s hydration, visible on the display of the product.

Created for sports people

Made to withstand the most extreme sporting competitions, B60 resembles a watch with an elasticized strap in neoprene, designed to be tear proof and remain firmly in position to ensure accurate and continuous readings. Its plastic case contains light emitters and sensors, as well as an interactive display, which keeps the athlete updated in real time on the basis of variations in levels of hydration and shows the state of dehydration perfectly. “Historically, technology based on measurements of hydration has always been too complex a model to enter the market and be adopted on a large scale,” stated Russ Rymut, founder and CEO of Nobo.

Approved by health care professionals and athletic trainers

“With this technology,” Rymut concludes, “we now have the ability to provide useful and detailed information on everyone’s hydration level in real time.” The founder of Nobo consulted several athletic trainers, sports scientists, professionals and health workers in order to develop technology based on the real needs of athletes, consumers and patients.  Meticulous research has led to the development of a complete product for health and sport.

by Alessandro Conte