Come ragiona la mente del nuotatore, al primo posto c’è il cibo

What goes through a swimmer’s mind, where food is a top priority

Food is important, but it must be paired with regular hydration

MILAN – Swimming is one of the most comprehensive sports for an athlete’s body.  It enables you to develop muscles all over the body, and therefore requires lots of energy that comes from the consumption of diverse food types, particularly from carbohydrates. Food is a top priority in a swimmer’s mind. Before breakfast is even over, an athlete is already thinking: “What will I eat for lunch?” Even during breaks and free time, the most popular topics are often food and treats. This can often distract athletes from proper hydration.

The importance of fluids

Hydration is an essential component for your body’s health. Most athletes understand the importance of drinking water every day, yet few know the fundamental rules of proper hydration. We would like to outline when and how much liquid you should be drinking throughout the day, especially when you are playing sport or exercising.

1. Water is key, but when should you drink it?

While most athletes know that water is essential for maintaining a fully active body, you may not know when or how you should be drinking it. In reality, most people, not only athletes, only drink when they feel thirsty. However, thirst is your body’s natural response when it is dehydrated. Therefore, it is important to drink water before you feel thirsty. This will help maintain fluid balance in your body.

2. So, how do you know when it’s the right time to hydrate?

The best answer is you should be drinking water constantly throughout the day. Before you go to bed at night you should always drink enough to make sure that you sleep as well as possible. During the typical day of an athlete, race day, there are four points in the day when you should focus on optimal hydration: when you’ve just woken up, during your warmup, during practice, and after practice. Timing varies depending on the situation, but in general you should hydrate at least 30 minutes before practising sport.

by editorial staff