Acqua Shock, a Milano arriva la mostra di Edward Burtynsky

Acqua Shock, the photographic project dedicated to water

Edward Burtynsky dedicates his first Italian exhibition to natural resources par excellence

MILAN –For the first time in Europe, Milan will host the intense work of Edward Burtynsky, the famous Canadian photographer, who will present to the public an exhibition exclusively dedicated to water at the Palazzo della Regione Fotografia [city photographic museum]. An internationally renowned professional, Burtynsky places this natural resource at the centre of his work and after having produced a successful series on petrol and very impressive images of quarries his research in recent years has been concentrated on water.

The exhibition

The exhibition, curated by Enrica Viganò, is being promoted by the Municipality of Milan, Palazzo della Regione, Civita, Contrasto and GAmm Giunti, in collaboration with Admira. “Splendid images – states Viganò – reflecting a truth we do not want to face: this most precious of liquids will not last forever. The extraordinary beauty of Burtynsky’s photographic scenes invokes reflection, after captivating our gaze with the allure of the sublime”. Acqua Shock brings together 60 photographs under seven different headings: Gulf of Mexico, Devastation, Control, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Shores and Springs. It is an analysis of all aspects of the origins and use of water, from river deltas to stepwells, from parched landscapes to vital springs. Through deep research and long journeys, Edward Burtynsky has only discovered and described a remote reality, but it is closely linked to the future of the human race. A major exponent of international photography, he has always documented the effects of our progress on the planet.

Drones used for the  water project

During the exhibition, the documentary “Where I Stand” will be screened. This is a ten-minute film produced by the Burtynsky studio to involve visitors in the production process of these most beautiful of images. For the water project, Burtynsky made ample use of drones: aircraft characterised by the absence of pilots, controlled by an on-board computer and piloted by a navigator on the ground. These have everything necessary for observing subjects from above and studying them as closely as possible. In an artistic career spanning over thirty years, where he has always photographed vast scenes, he has sought to update his photographic techniques. The photographer will participate in the Festival dell’acqua [festival of water] in Milan from 5 to 9 October, at Castello Sforzesco.

by editorial staff