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The Colombian museum that teaches us about water

Founded in 2012, El Museo del Agua is a project that explains what is behind this precious resource

MEDELLIN – The museum presents the errors that we make today in order to avoid them being made by future generations, involving the different social classes and educating children. El Museo del Agua, a six million dollar project, was founded in Medellin, the capital of Colombia to explain the value of water and the importance this resource has for life and the future of the planet.

The museum

The description starts with the historical interaction between man and water and ends with a description of the life cycle of the resource. Through a series of visual, audio and tactile presentations, the museum uses technology to explain how people have used water over the centuries, the risks that may endanger future availability and the role of water as a source of renewable energy. There is a core message related to environmental protection and social inclusion. In fact, local authorities guarantee access to the poorest residents and make the facilities of the structure available to them.

Educating children

“Many boys and girls, as well as adults, when asked where water comes from respond from the tap,” said Maria Pilar Restrepo, Executive Officer of the Empresas Públicas de Medellin, the body that manages the museum, “It is very important to create a culture of water and awareness of its origins to be able to defend and safeguard it.” Part of the museum is equipped with touch screens, holograms and ebooks, interactive activities that are clearly intended for children and students in collaboration with local teachers. Teaching is the basis of this interesting project.

Sanpellegrino’s commitment in Italy

Unlike the Colombian example, in Italy at the moment there is no water Museum to educate children. To create culture for the younger generations and their families, the Sanpellegrino Group has brought the WET project (Waters Education for Teachers) to Italy and realizes, every year, courses which teach the importance of water for the equilibrium of our planet and in our lives.

by Salvatore Galeone