“Beyond art with love”, l’amore spiegato tramite l’acqua

Depicting love through water: the exhibition, “Beyond art with love” in Rome

Simon Ma, a major exponent of modern Chinese art, arrives in Rome for the first time

ROME – Love is a universal emotion but what Simon Ma refers to in the exhibition, “Beyond art with love” is something different. His work is charged with metaphorical meaning, based on a canvas, a sculpture or a video installation, it aims to transport onlookers into another dimension, making  them feel new and different emotions each time. The exhibition, which is free of charge to enter,  was opened on the 25th of June and will remain at MACRO Testaccio - La Pelanda in Rome until the August 23rd.

Perfect Love

Simon Ma is one of the most prominent exponents of the new Chinese art and in Rome for the first time proposes his personal interpretation of the theme of love with a series of site specific installations. For Ma, the theme of love is to be interpreted as “unconditional love”, conveyed by this piece to the public via the primary elements of water, air, earth and the spiritual element of benevolence.

The central role of water

Extremely important for the artist is the use of water, whether as an iconographic element, or as a metaphor in the making of his own art and its encounter with nature. Furthermore, the element of water is the primary source of nourishment for all living creatures; a natural expression of purity and goodness, and therefore, an invitation to love, as well as a vehicle for diffusing joy and happiness.

Italy and China

To celebrate 45 years of diplomatic relations between China and Italy, the artist has also specially created a large installation, characterised by a 2 metre painting, which unites the two cultures through water. It is inspired by the ancient Silk Road, along which the first trade between East and West was developed. The project is curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, has been promoted by the Department of Tourism and Culture in Rome – the Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali [the cultural heritage authorities] and is organised by MART, with the coordination of Paolo De GrandisPDG Arte Communications.