Bottiglie di plastica protagoniste, la Green Art spopola sul web

Plastic bottles play a leading role: Green Art is a hit on the Web

Works produced from recycled materials play a leading role on online platforms

MILAN – Browsing the Internet has become the world’s favourite pastime in recent years. Social networks have made a dramatic entrance into all our lives and the search for new stimuli goes on increasing on online platforms. The Web represents a parallel existence, where people observe, communicate, acquire and comment on things on a daily basis and with others. In this great big melting pot, you can find everything: the sporty, literary, studious, or bizarre. It is an absolutely vast universe which sometimes brings pleasant surprises. Art is one of those sectors where it is possible to bring together innovation and history. In recent years, Green Art has made huge strides forward, also capturing the attention of a more critical public.

A stimulating art form

Art from recycling has started to become a hit on the Web over the past 10 years, presenting numerous innovative and exciting works of art: masterpieces made from plastic bottles or other kinds of materials, intriguing in form and function. Linking the theme of ecology to the world of art is inspiring; a gesture which could be encouraged on a daily basis. It represents an efficient way of using materials destined to end up in the dustbin. ‘The Green Lantern’ for example, is a piece made from a wine bottle, recreated as a lantern for use outside. ‘Earth Tear, on the other hand, is a work by Marta Thoma, consisting of recycled plastic bottles, which illustrates the visual beauty of reuse.  We could go on forever, because on online platforms, we can find works of all types, such as the ‘pop-art’ armchair, made from plastic bottles and shaped like a sofa.

Plastic, but so much more

Plastic is the material which is best suited to Green Art composition, thanks to its malleability, which enables the artist to present a broad range of ideas. Nevertheless, there are many types of waste which can be reused for artistic purposes. ‘The Green Lantern’ is just one of the examples promoted on the Web, where the key player is a glass bottle relaunched onto the market in the mantle of a lantern. Another work which has achieved a great deal of success has been the Green Christmas Tree, made entirely of empty glass bottles. This is a composition with a strong visual impact, where materials destined for landfill have been used, transforming them into art out of love for the environment.

 by editorial staff