Dalla Russia all’Argentina: la Caps Art fa il giro del mondo

From Russia to Argentina: Caps Art makes its way around the world

Works of art made of plastic bottle caps puts recycling in the spotlight

MILAN – It is amazing how many things can be done with waste materials. Imagination is limitless and if a person has true artistic talent, they can transform even the poorest of materials into gold. In recent years, many artists have been inspired to create plastic works using simple bottle caps, known as Caps Art

A few examples of Caps Art

This art is capable of inspiring an ever wider audience. The first example comes from Russia, where Olga Kostina collected plastic bottle caps for several years, with the idea of one day using them to decorate her entire house. After accumulating more than enough to finish the project, the artist (impromptu) decorated other structures in her area using the materials, much to the delight of other residents. Reyes Rojos, on the other hand, began an initiative related to recycling in Peru, thanks to which solid wastes such as bottle caps were recycled and reused to create stunning murals. This idea was echoed by the Alfa Planetarium in Monterrey, Mexico. This type of art can often be seen in the work of Michelle Stitzlein as well, an artist specializing in the creation of sculptures, frescoes and mosaics from recycled materials, who has been doing so at his studio in Baltimore since 2000.

Visual Art and Caps Art

In Argentina, a group of artists created a mural to raise awareness about visual art and to educate the public. The wall, measuring 14 x 2.50 metres, was decorated with 30,000 plastic caps. This was the first mural made in the Province of Mendoza, Argentina. In Colombia, during the Feria Ambiental in Bogotá, a beautiful sculpture was made depicting a horse, created by plastic caps and on display in the La Plaza de los Artesanos. These are just a few examples of Caps Art, an art form which in recent years has spread like wildfire, particularly due to networking, and has intrigued many people, from art lovers to nature lovers.

by editorial staff