Approda a Milano la mostra Water is Life

Water is Life exhibition arrives in Milan

Eric Maillet, a great exponent of contemporary photography, drew his inspiration from the bottoms of plastic bottles

MILAN - Until 18 January 2016, in Milan, in collaboration with the Lombardy Regional Administration, as part of the "Feeding the Future, now" events, the "Water is Life" exhibit by photographer Eric Maillet will take place. The exhibit, which will be hosted in the prestigious location of Palazzo Pirelli's Event Space, historic headquarters of the Lombardy Regional Administration, was conceived by Mario Rescio and André Werther, and curated by Lele Del Fabbro.  It will be open to the public with free entrance from via Fabio Filzi from 1:00 to 7:00 pm (apart from Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays).

Water inspires art

The exhibition consists of 25 works of art, all large in size, displaying the bottom end of plastic water bottles, collected across the whole world by the photographer. Water, the inspiring "muse" for the artist and starting point for the project, is shown in a surprisingly tame form, tamed by man and by industry. Eric Mallet uses what normally would be a simple bottle of water to create an abstract and unexpected image, full of colour and different in its essence.

The art works of Water is Life

The art works, seen together, seem to be a succession of large circles of colour, they bring to mind the stained-glass windows of a cathedral and appear very deep thanks to the use of backlights. In the observer, they evoke a fantastic and endless imaginary world: with their roundness, they resonate with the concept of a planet, and therefore of life.  They could also be reminiscent of the wonderful complexity of a snowflake, trapped within the bottom of the bottle. A near-immediate association can be made between these images and the kaleidoscopic forms that have always inspired the work of this photographer. Colour is an essential element of this collection of works, the action of light is fundamental: fusing with plastic, it creates fascinating and unique nuances and intense and hypnotic colours.

The author

Eric Mallet is a great interpreter of contemporary photography, the images he took for the most important brands are now iconic, his shots can be recognised at first sight, a perfect blend of styles and colours, forming an image of natural beauty and great strength. The artist's career begun in France in 1983; since then, Eric Mallet produced thousands of photos and photo-reports for the most important magazines, such as: Numéro, Vogue France, Vogue China, Mixt(e), I-d, Vogue Jewel and Glamour Italy.

by editorial staff