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Are you a well-intentioned recycler? Here is some advice to become perfect

Discover how to maximise the recovery of plastic refuse through well-defined steps

MILAN - The last decades saw a great increase in plastic recycling across the whole planet, particularly in America. A point of great significance was reached in 2009, when the recycling of plastic products increased by 33% compared to 2008, and that today, according to data released from the American Chemistry Council (ACC), have resulted in more than 479 million kilos of plastic in the last five years.

Well-intentioned Americans, but there is room for improvement

Caring for the environment seems to be a widespread concern, especially in the United States, where in recent years the American population has demonstrated a great desire to preserve the land. But how can we improve? Here are four tips to make your contribution in support to nature even more effective.

Know materials better

Some types of materials, like plastic, must be carefully examined before being put in the bin. As we have learnt, the contamination of the recycling pathway does not make recovery effective. It is very important to know which type of material one is handling, in order to better recycle it. This is especially true for children, who could not know the difference between #1 and #7, for example.

Exploit recycling programs

In many countries, being able to exploit recycling programs becomes essential to improve the environmental impact of rubbish. Indeed, by following the guidelines provided by companies that promote recycling, it is possible to make a great contribution to preserving the environment.

Buy recycled products

Buying power is the driver of the economy and the decision to purchase products made with rPET materials can ensure a continuous demand of recycled material. If one reads carefully the labels of the products purchased, one is able to understand whether the package or the product itself are made with recycled materials.

Recycle to earn

Once you have learnt these simple steps, the fact of becoming real green politicians can become an advantage also on an economic level. Programs that reward people that recycle, such as Curbside, are growing across the whole planet. RecycleBank, for example, rewards house owners: all points that are gathered during recycling can be cashed at hundreds of retail outlets, as discounts.

by editorial staff