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The arrival of The GreenWatcher: a digital marketplace for sustainability

The global platform which represents a reference point for anyone seeking or providing eco-sustainability

MILAN – According to recent estimates, there are over 300 million Europeans who claim to be eco-friendly and around 5 million companies who produce and offer sustainable options. Now there is a tool which engages users and providers of activities available for the public and which represents a point of reference for those seeking and providing eco-sustainability. It is called The GreenWatcher.

The platform

The GreenWatcher was inspired by the concept of “sustainability made easy” and within everyone’s reach, where each one of us is proactive, due to our own  daily choices, to our own small or large eco-sustainable actions. For this purpose, tools are provided which are easy to understand and which can directly and actively involve individual users and companies in the pursuit and dissemination of sustainability.

This is the biggest global platform involving users and providers of publicly accessible activities: a single portal which enables users to choose from thousands of business, hospitality and catering activities across the globe, evaluated according to scientific criteria, so ultimately green places for shopping, eating, entertainment and leisure pursuits can be selected according to eco-sustainability criteria, with companies also being able to scientifically assess their own environmental performance with flexible and easy to use tools.

How The GreenWatcher works

Eco-sustainability supply and demand is based on EcoOpinions, or users’ reports  and EcoEvalutations, which is a way of evaluating environmental eco-sustainability – based on objective scientific measurement criteria for the environmental sustainability of various places, developed through research undertaken with the University of Florence and the Tuscany region – which companies can perform autonomously and directly online. This culminates in the awarding of a certificate of eco-sustainability, consolidated into a single score from 1 to 10 (EcoScore) ad drawn from the results of the calculation.

Two operations, EcoOpinions and EcoEvaluations, in a single system and with a common goal: disseminating and improving environmental sustainability around us. The portal, available in a desktop version and for mobile devices, enables each one of us  to make more eco-sustainable choices, at all times and anywhere. To date, the portal comprises a total of 4 thousand companies and thousands of subscribers from Europe, the US and South America.