In Camerun nasce il sistema green di approvvigionamento idrico

In Cameroon, a green water supply is launched

Thanks to solar energy, families in the African republic get the water they need to survive

MILAN – When the government of Cameroon introduced a system of water distribution using solar energy in the north of the country, the objective was to improve people’s access to water, in order facilitate the irrigation of fields hit by drought and to reduce water-related disease. In the villages of Mindif, Larie, Katchel, Dir Irlagare, Mayo Bahehel and Ouro Dole, many farmers have lost almost all of their livestock, their main source of income, due to the erratic rains.

A new water system

The new water supply system, also described by The Guardian, uses a 2,500 cubic metre water tower, constructed on the hills 15 km from Mindif. The use of solar power works like this: the water is pumped from an underground reservoir and distributed by a network of tubes between Mindif and other villages. "The superabundance of the sun is used to power a system of pumps, which sends over 40,000 litres of drinking water into the villages every day, supplying families with the water they so desperately need and making cases of water-related disease a thing of the past – states the engineer on the water project, Jorel Kom -  The experts involved in the project are convinced the water supply will not run dry”.

The progress of the project

In the various villages, 40 reservoirs are located to collect the available water, which is delivered to homes via containers and using a hand pump. One year on from the launch of the project, water is being provided for 80% of the population of the villages. A smart and functional system, also conceived to limit the spread of water-related diseases.

by editorial staff