Sai come funziona il riciclo delle bottiglie di plastica?

Do you know how plastic bottle recycling works?

Helpful tips to motivate people to recycle and decrease plastic waste

MILAN – Plastic recycling must become a natural and indispensable act in all of our lives. It is estimated that in 2013 on a global level about 299 million tonnes of waste were produced. The average person working today in South America or Western Europe consumes about 100 kg of plastic throughout the year. These are impressive numbers that should encourage the public to understanding how important it is to recycle plastic. Here is everything there is to know about plastic bottle recycling.

Can we leave the caps on the bottles?

Yes. This is a question at the centre of much debate in recent years due to the fact that the caps were made with different types of plastic with respect to the plastic used to make the bottles. Nevertheless, there is equipment used in the treatment of caps and bottles which divides them into separate flows within the sorting plants.

Do I need to crush the plastic bottles before recycling?

It is best to check with local jurisdiction because, while the crushed bottles may save space, when they arrive at the sorting centre they could be sent to the wrong area.

What happens after a bottle has been recycled?

Plastic bottles are ground up and transformed into flakes which are then melted to create pellets. The pellets are sent to companies to be transformed into objects such as mats, pile or garden furniture.

Do I need to wash the bottle before recycling?

Rinsing out the bottle is not a requirement but a courtesy that is often deemed unnecessary.

Can plastic bags be disposed of in the container with the bottles for recycling?

No. This is a common error. Plastic bags are sorted separately.

by editorial staff