Plastica riciclata: mercato in forte ascesa negli Usa

The strong growth of the recycled plastic market in the US

An increase of 3.7% in demand is forecast for the period 2015-2019

MILAN – The recycling market in America has good reason to be hopeful. In fact, between 2015 and 2019, an increase of 3.7% is forecast in the demand for recycled plastic. This is a significant figure, which if confirmed, will save our planet further tonnes of waste.

About plastic recycling

The recycling of plastic bottles consists of the reuse of plastic material, with the intention of reducing the quantity of refuse destined for landfills. The idea is to convert as much waste as possible into products to be reused on the market. Plastic containers are used in various sectors, according to their level of contamination. The removal of residue in all bottles is a very delicate task during the recycling process.

The advantages of PET

To convert the recycled plastic into material suitable for use with food and other industries, the bottles are hydrolysed and finally go through a process of purification, essential for their conversion into a new form. In particular, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is the material commonly used for plastic bottles and it can be recycled via two different methods: mechanically, which is the most economical method, but one which does not permit the reuse of materials for food purposes, and chemically, which can revert polymers to their original state, breaking them down into a series of raw materials that can subsequently be used for the production of new PET.

by editorial staff