“Green Game”, quando il riciclo diventa un gioco

“Green Game”, when recycling becomes a game

In Sicily the ecological project built by the National Recycling Consortium is a huge success

MILAN – Playing for the environment. The “Green Game”, a touring educational competition aimed at 1st and 2nd year high school students in Italy, is making more of a splash than ever. The competition is set up as a team-based quiz, and makes use of interactive technology. The aim is to correctly answer a number of timed multiple-choice questions that appear on a big screen. The classes are equipped with a wireless keyboard and answer questions on: separate waste collection, the school curriculum (prepared by their teachers), general culture, regional knowledge, and environmental and civic education. The initiative is organised by the Italian Consortia for the Collection, Recovery and Recycling of Packaging made of: Aluminium (CiAl consortium), paper (Comieco consortium), plastic (Corepla consortium), glass (Coreve consortium), steel (Ricrea consortium) and wood (Rilegno consortium).

How it works

- The team arrives and sets up for the event.

- The format of the event is presented.

- Break up into teams: each class becomes a team. Selection of team leaders, who will be given the keyboard for inputting the team’s answers.

- Communication of concepts and values to the children.

- The competition starts and takes place through an innovative learning process that provides multiple-choice questions.

- Students gain knowledge about team work, form groups, answer the questions and explain and debate the answers given. Immediate verification is given for the concepts previously explained.

- Each class is a team and competes with classes from other schools. It’s free to sign up. The event’s maximum duration in each school is 90 minutes.

- Participating children will receive educational material about separate waste collection.

- Prizes and gadgets will be awarded to students, and cash prizes will be awarded to the top three schools that win the Regional Final.

This ambitious project, aimed at raising awareness about the environment, is also sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment and for Protection of the Land and Sea.

by editorial staff