Va a Sanpellegrino il Premio Logistico dell’anno 2015

The Logistics of the Year Award 2015 goes to Sanpellegrino

Levissima will travel on 12 new vehicles fuelled by LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) thanks to a project conducted in partnership with the Maganetti Group

MILAN – 11 times less harmful to the environment than modern vehicles for transporting goods. A reduced environmental impact in terms of noise and a positive saving in fuel consumption compared to diesel. These are the features of the 12 new vehicles fuelled by LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) that the Sanpellegrino Group will use to transport the Levissima brand from February 2016. These features are so successful that the Sanpellegrino Group – Nestlé Waters Italy was awarded the “Logistics of the Year Award 2015” “for innovative commitment to environmental sustainability” by the panel, specifically thanks to the “LNG in Assologistica” project presented in partnership with the Maganetti Group.

Innovative fuel

LNG, which stands for Liquefied Natural Gas, is natural gas with a lower concentration of hydrocarbons.  It is cooled to -170°, at which level the natural gas becomes a clear, colourless, odourless, non-corrosive and non-toxic liquid. Essentially, it is easily transportable and usable. The natural gas is actually directly cooled upon extraction and is kept at this temperature throughout the transportation chain. This way, the natural gas can be transported at a considerably lower pressure compared to simple compressed gas (9 bar compared to 200 bar) and its liquid state makes it much denser and considerably less dangerous. This eliminates the explosive risk, whilst also allowing a greater range.

Scope of application

Levissima and the Maganetti Group, the logistics operator based in Tirano in Valtellina, decided to adopt this valid alterative to traditional fuels because it is the only one that can significantly reduce the pollution caused by heavy vehicles during medium-distance journeys. This is provided that routes are carefully scheduled and planned, as LNG is not yet available at all refuelling stations throughout Italy. It was precisely for this reason that the decision was made to first use the 12 new vehicles on the roads of Lombardy and later Veneto, areas that do have the required refuelling stations, with the vehicles reloaded at the Sanpellegrino Group’s other plants located in the same delivery areas. This balance enables maximum levels of efficiency for the vehicles, without the risk of running empty, whilst using a fuel that produces very low levels of harmful emissions. A further and even more ambitious objective to achieve during 2016, with the significant contribution of the Maganetti Group, will also be to build an LNG refuelling station in Valtellina, around 100km from Levissima’s plant.  

by editorial staff