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More and more water for the inhabitants of Cucamonga Valley

Nestlé Waters North America promotes a new project for the treatment of underground waters in California

RANCHO CUCAMONGA - The Cucamonga Valley Water District has a made a partnership with Nestlé Waters North America for a new project for the treatment of underground water.  According to experts, this initiative will increase the local water supply.

Invest for the good of the community

"We are a client of the Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) and we know that this technology investment will have a direct benefit for the community - declared Janey Lazgin, spokesperson for Nestlé Waters - Being their clients, we are part of this community and we want to help it". The cost of the project is estimated at 4.7 million dollars. Nestlé Waters will invest one million over the next 8 years. CVWD will be responsible for the management, construction and operation of the project: "Our sector continues to face serious drought and we need to find new ways of satisfying the great need for water - said Martin Zvirbulis, CEO of CVWD -. This is why we are extremely satisfied to continue this new water supply opportunity with the help of the bottled water brand Arrowhead."

Nitrates will be removed from the water

The treatment of underground waters will be performed at a site within CVWD's service area, which will lead to an increase of over 900 million litres of water every year. At the same time, nitrates will be removed from the water at a dedicated site. Since 2005, Nestlé Waters North America has been supporting CVWD's educational Environmental Learning Center, which provides resources for practical activities for local children, and has supported CVWD's annual Kids Environmental Festival.

 by Alessandro Michielli