Natural Spring Waters lancia la nuova bottiglia 100% R-PET

Natural Spring Waters launches the new 100% rPET bottle

Natural Spring Waters launches the new 100% rPET** bottle

MILAN –  Natural Spring Waters, a brand in the Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA) group, has launched a new bottle created with 100% rPET, excluding the label and cap.  This is a novelty in the sector, as it is one of the first brands of bottled water to offer this innovation on the national market.

Emphasising the importance of recycling

With the transition towards the 100% rPET bottle, the company hopes to focus public awareness on the use of this material, at the same time emphasising the importance of bottle-to-bottle recycling and increasing awareness of the value of recycled plastic. "We believe that by using recycled PET, we can cause the recycling rate to grow, focusing our attention on the value of this practice – stated Debora Fillis Ryba, Senior Sustainability Manager at NWNA - Nestlé Waters has a significant history of sustainable innovation and the 100% rPET bottle aims to continue this tradition, increasing awareness of closed-loop recycling".

What are the aims?

Natural Spring Waters are constantly exploring new ways to increase public awareness of the benefits of recycling. The company is committed to increasing the use of PET for drinks bottles, with the aim of bringing the rate up to 60% by 2018. NWNA has worked very closely with those concerned in national and local policy-making to help meet this objective.

Basic strategies for the environment

The strategies designed to recover useful materials from waste; for example, plastic from bottles, have become crucial for the environment today. From families to industry, the amount of waste produced every day registers very high figures. Nestlé Waters’ strategy for increasing the use of rPET material is to drive home the idea that recycling is the right road towards saving our planet.