Nestlé Pure Life lancia la bottiglia di plastica riciclata al 100%

Nestlé Pure Life launches new 100%-recycled plastic bottle

The objective is to encourage consumers to adopt better informed and responsible habits.

MILAN – Nestlé Pure Life Purified Water, the brand leader in bottled water, has announced the introduction of a 700 ml bottle made entirely of recycled plastic, i.e. rPET. The new material is already stocked in North America. Antonio Sciuto, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Nestlé Waters North America advised us: “The new 100% recycled plastic bottle is the latest way we have chosen to satisfy both the need of adequate hydration away from home and the importance of the recovery and recycling of a significant material such as plastic”.

Modern design of quality

The new Nestlé Pure Life bottles have a modern design of high quality, together with the brand launched last year under the banner “Pure Life Begins Now”, which aims to emphasise even more the importance of water for people’s quality of life.

The launch of a bottle made entirely of recycled plastic reinforces the brand leadership and mission: to inspire a healthier, brighter future, thanks to water.

Soon this commitment will also be shown in a video which will encourage consumers to recycle bottles so that they can be turned into new ones.

A pledge for a sustainable future

Since 2005 Nestlé Waters has reduced the quantity of plastic PET used in half-litre Nestlé Pure Life water bottles by 40%. The new bottle is the last example in a series of activities designed to raise awareness, in consumers and also in other significant players, about the adoption of ethical practices for a more sustainable future.

Together with our partner CarbonLITE, one of the largest manufacturers of post-consumption recycled PET for food use, 100% of single dose Arrowhead Brand Mountain Spring Water and Nestlé Pure Life Purified Water bottles are manufactured in California, and are made with 50% recycled plastic.

Furthermore, through global collaborations – such as with Trash Free Seas Alliance, the Bio-PET NaturALL Bottle Alliance foundation – and investments organised on large scale such as Closed Loop Fund, Keep America Beautiful and start-ups such as RecycleUp, Nestlé Waters is collaborating in the PET value chain to create sustainable and effective solutions to counteract one of the most heart-felt environmental issues in the world today.

by Alessandro Conte

March 19, 2018

Source: Nestlé Waters