Il riciclo fa girare l’economia: un settore che offre posti di lavoro

Recycling drives the economy: a sector that offers employment

The overall recycling activities in South Carolina represents 54,000 jobs

MILAN – We all know that selecting waste materials and recycling these is the right and necessary thing to do for the environment. To recognise the type of object you have in your hand and dispose of it in the proper container, doesn’t just help the territory, but also ourselves. Chantal H. Fryer is development director on the recycling market at the South Carolina Trade Department and recently spoke of the opening of the new American Starlinger-Sahm building: “Recycling is not something that should be ignored and you all know how many jobs can be created in this sector”.

A sector that is full of opportunities

A “lucrative” sector from various aspects, that is environmentally friendly and at the same time that offers employment opportunities. The entire recycling business in South Carolina represents 54,000 jobs. Carolina’s Plastics Recycling Council, which comprises North Carolina and South Carolina, estimates that if every family in the two states recycled its plastic, this would have a hugely positive impact: "What we were able to establish – Fryer added – was that if every family in Carolina recycled two more plastic bottles a week, this would create at least 300 jobs". A powerful message, aimed at environmentalists and in the perspective of new employment opportunities.

Campaigns can help

Sensitization campaigns have increased exponentially and have contributed to inform the population on the importance of a sensible waste disposal system. To take time to check the composition of the products and their packaging is the simplest and most effective way to reduce the tons of dry waste that ends up in dumps all over the world, every day. Products that can be recovered and re-processed by specialized industries, also creating jobs.

by editorial staff