Sette 2015 Green Awards:  Innovation and Sustainability in Italy

The Sette 2015 Green Awards provide recognition for innovation and sustainable projects in Italy

A project on new-generation photovoltaics, one on food packaging and one on the purification of wastewater were selected

MILAN – The winners of the fifth edition of the Sette Green Awards, the Oscars of the environment of the green pages of the Corriere della Sera magazine were announced at a Triennale evening by the director of Sette Pier Luigi Vercesi and presented by the sponsor Filippa Lagerbäch. After a long journey through the world of research laboratories, institutions and companies, representing Italy’s top products and sustainability projects, a jury chaired by the Professor of Environmental Economics at Bocconi University Francesco Bertolini awarded a prize that will contribute a total of 9,000 euro to the three projects considered to be the most deserving.

Projects awarded prizes

Three research centres were selected; centres of excellence within our universities and emblems of the many Italian companies that intend to revive the country and change the future of the planet.

University of Roma Tor Vergata and the Lazio Region with the project “Chose”, the Polo Solare Organico that develops solar cells based on organic and hybrid technologies designed to produce clean energy with a lower visual impact than traditional silicon panels. Thanks to the Sette Green Awards prize they will be able to acquire a plasma treatment system

- “PackLAB”, a centre set up within the Department of Sciences for Food, Nutrition and the Environment of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food of the University of Milan with a project whose objective is to increase the safety of packaged food and at the same time deal with waste and food loss. Thanks to this prize they will buy a permeabilimeter capable of rendering research on packaging more useful and effective

- the processes and plants developed by LabIcab, the Environmental Chemical Engineering and Bioprocesses Laboratory of the University of Verona where innovative biotechnology systems are designed and developed to render urban wastewater treatment plants efficient and transform them into “recovered assets factories”.

by editorial staff