Ecco 9 facili idee per riutilizzare le bottiglie di plastica

You don’t know how to re-use plastic bottles? Here are 9 simple ideas

Discarded products can be given new life using their components to create new objects

MILAN – Here are nine fun ideas on how to re-use plastic.

Hydroponic planter: an interesting idea for hydroponic cultivation; a technique for the soilless cultivation of plants. Easy to make, anyone can personalise their own planter.

Hanging basket: along the same principles as hydroponics, this can be used either in or outside the house.

An upside down planter for tomatoes: unusual, but this idea is still extremely cool and interesting for anyone who wants to get into growing tomatoes.

A greenhouse: why stop at planters, when you can build a greenhouse to keep all our plants in? The level of difficulty increases, but it can be constructed in a short time, if you have enough material available.

Desk organisers: this does not really have a specific name; it is simply defined as a useful container for bringing some order to your desk.

A boat: one lad from Fiji, putting together a whole load of plastic bottles and adding a bit of glue and polystyrene, built a vessel.

A pouf: with plastic bottles, you can also make furniture or accessories for the home. One of the most popular is the pouf, which once made, will fit in perfectly with the furnishings of your apartment.

A basket: you have ended up with water bottles, but you can create a bin for your rubbish. With a bit of imagination, you can work with the plastic and create a basket.

General items: plastic bottles can be transformed into an endless array of cute objects to give a quirky touch to your home.

by editorial staff