Levissima and Municipality of Milan promote sports and sustainability

Levissima and Municipality of Milan promote sports and sustainability

As part of the Milano Green Week, Levissima and the Municipality of Milan have opened a new Fitness Area at Parco Sempione

MILANO - Milan has a new, sustainable outdoor sports facility, a new fitness area officially opened today at Parco Sempione through a collaboration between the Municipal Administration of Milan and Levissima.

A sustainability project

With the equivalent of the PET bottles collected during the Marathon and thanks to the support of AMSA, a company of the A2A Group, about 7 tons of plastics and cans were collected. With the equivalent amount of recycled materials the existing “Percorso Vita” at Parco Sempione was recovered and rebuild from scratch. This activity gave a new green soul to the park, combining traditional and innovative fitness equipment to create an inclusive fitness path, stimulating physical exercise and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Levissima's commitment to the environment

This project is part of a broad and structured commitment of the brand, always searching for new solutions to reduce the environmental impact, starting from the innovation of the bottles themselves. For its ECO range, Levissima uses 30% of BIOPET, a 100% recyclable plastic material from renewable raw materials, such as sugar cane, and has committed to replace 50% of the PET in its bottles with BIOPET (a plant-based plastic material) and RPET (recycled PET) by 2025.

"We are proud for our contribution to the sustainable restyling of Parco Sempione, one of the vital areas of the city, and happy with the result, that made it more enjoyable and attractive for everyone," said Federico Sarzi Braga, Chairman and CEO of the Sanpellegrino Group. "We work for sustainable development and collaborate with the institutions to involve the local communities in which we operate in our recycling education initiatives, providing tangible practices such as the new fitness area. This project has a social, economic, and environmental value that concretely demonstrates the importance of reusing plastics, as in this case, to develop the new fitness area, an asset for the local community and for individuals." 

di Prisca Peroni

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