Un quarto dei visitatori di Expo ha bevuto con la “stella rossa”

One quarter of Expo visitors drank the "red star"

The Sanpellegrino Group quenched the thirst of over 5 million visitors with its mineral water and famous drinks

MILAN – At the end of the sixth-month Expo Milano 2015, the Sanpellegrino Group has achieved some impressive results: the company, the leader within the Italian beverage market, estimates that over 15 million people came into contact with its products at the exposition site, quenching the thirst of around 25% of Expo visitors. This is all thanks to the company’s widespread presence within the 100-country pavilion and distribution in 160 restaurants and bars.

The value of Expo Milano 2015

As Stefano Agostini, President and CEO of the Sanpellegrino Group, explains: “We were immediately aware of Expo Milano 2015’s huge potential and appreciated the positive impact that it could have for a company like ours, which is so firmly rooted in Italy and whose products embody the quality and excellence of the Made in Italy movement. As such, we are proud and excited that today's facts and results prove how forward-thinking the investment was, one that we have been planning since embarking upon this adventure. Expo was a unique opportunity for the entire Italian agri-food industry to showcase itself to the world, as well as an opportunity for Sanpellegrino to launch major business partnerships. The Universal Exposition also demonstrated that when Italy is committed and works together it can achieve significant success.” Agostini concludes, “We’re sure that everything we have created these past months can also have a positive medium and long-term impact.”

Commitment to Made in Italy

One of the most important moments for the Sanpellegrino Group during its presence at the Expo was the large Made in Italy conference, which resulted in a manifesto that was presented to the Italian government and was aimed at intensifying participation and building cooperation between businesses and institutions. The “Made in Italy Manifesto”, presented during an event attended by over 250 people, was signed by entrepreneurs from the most important Made in Italy sectors, along with Confagricoltura, which represents Italian agricultural businesses, and Confartigianato, which represents members of the craft sector.

The promotion of mineral water

It was also at the Expo that the Sanpellegrino Group made its own knowledge of water resources available to the general public and professionals, including the features of the resources and the need to protect and nurture them through hugely successful “nursery school” laboratories, with over 7,000 participants, 3,831 children and 3,190 adults.There was also significant participation in the “Hydration and Health, the hidden link” event, during which the Ministry for Health was asked to establish a National Day of Hydration. Through this initiative, Sanpellegrino has helped to draw international attention to the importance of proper hydration, including it in the Milan Charter, in order to make it one of the main health-related goals of future international policies, as well as one of the pillars of a healthy modern lifestyle.

by editorial staff