Sanpellegrino presenta un nuovo stabilimento in Lazio

Sanpellegrino presents its new Nestlé Vera Naturae mineral water bottling plant in Lazio

An investment of 16 million euros, a boost to local youth employment, and best-in-class environmental performance in Castrocielo (province of Frosinone, Italy)

ROME Sanpellegrino Group announced today, at the offices of Regione Lazio, a new and important industrial project in Castrocielo (FR) for the production of Nestlé Vera brand mineral water. With an investment of 16 million euros, the plant is designed to best integrate into the local territory thanks to outstanding performances in sustainability and to the commitment to enhance the value of the "Naturae" mineral water source, that represents a point of excellence in the Castrocielo area.

The multisource project

The plant will bottle Nestlé Vera brand mineral water, completing  the Group's multisourcing project in Italy. With the activation of the new Naturae source in Castrocielo, Nestlé Vera adds the third vertex to the virtuous triangle that the brand has outlined in Italy. It already has a source in the North in San Giorgio in Bosco, in the province of Padua (In Bosco source) and one in the South in Santo Stefano Quisquina, in the province of Agrigento (Santa Rosalia source).

This approach makes possible to enhance the value of local water, offering to the local community new possibilities for economic development and sustainable growth. Furthermore, the strategic position of the three sources favours local distribution, helping to decrease road transport and thus environmental impact. The Nestlé Vera brand is also a guarantee of quality and safety.

The marketing plan for the Castrocielo plant at operating speed, entails the production of approximately 220 million litres in the first year, with clear margins of growth in the following years.

Sanpellegrino investments

"We are particularly proud of this new plant in Lazio - stated Stefano Agostini, Chairman  and CEO of Sanpellegrino - an investment that proves once more the strategic interest of the Group in the mineral water sector, a real excellence for our Country; Mineral water bottling operations are not de-localizable, which is an important mark of the Italian food tradition and industry DNA. With Castrocielo Plant we intend to bring innovation to this sector, both for the production and distribution model we have proposed, and for our commitment to achieving a high level of environmental sustainability performance and positive impact on the local area”.

Environment performance

The Castrocielo plant will have best-in-class performance, above all for energy savings, through the use of photovoltaic systems, the exclusive use of green energy from renewable resources, LED lighting, and systems for heat recovering and storing. All packaging materials will be recyclable. This, combined with the reduced environmental impact achieved by the optimization of distribution processes through the multi-sourcing project, makes Castrocielo a plant that will stand as a model for future developments in the sector.

Source of employment

Furthermore, with this operation, Nestlé, of which Sanpellegrino is part of, strengthens its role as an important source of employment in the Frosinone area, where the Group is already present with its plant in Ferentino. The Castrocielo plant will employee 24 people, mostly young people who are high school graduates, and it will generate a significant direct and indirect satellite activities.

Important investment in Lazio

The investment announced today by Sanpellegrino Group for the bottling plant in Castrocielo, is an important news for the manufacturing industry of our Region, both for what concerns the creation of new job opportunities and for the development of a plant characterized by cutting edge manufacturing solutions and by the attention for environmental and social topics - stated  Guido Fabiani, Economic and Manufacturing Activities Development Assessor for the Lazio Region,  - "It’s a project completely in line with the strategy of this Management that aims to promote the reindustrialization of the territory, by the repositioning of the regional manufacturing system on the innovation frontier, within the value global chains. I believe that the choice to locate such an important investment in Lazio, is not unrelated to the fact that here a new economic, political and administrative course has begun."

Re-lauch opportunity for the territory

Particular attention will be dedicated to the creation of shared value for the local area through requalification projects for the industrial area and for the local historical and archaeological site of Aquinum.

"The Municipality of Castrocielo and Sanpellegrino - stated Filippo Materiale, Mayor of Castrocielo - are working together to ensure that the new Nestlé Vera plant, that collects water from the Naturae source,   could represent a significant development and re-launch opportunity for the territory, that already includes inestimable cultural and natural treasures that we intend to continue to protect and enhance, also with the contribution of this important Group, as part of the invaluable heritage of our Country." 

Through a new industrial project Nestlé Vera Brand will be  closer to its consumers, increasing its widespread presence in the territory: appreciated by more than 7 million and half Italian families, the Sanpellegrino Group’s brand has always been a symbol of quality, healthy hydration and wellbeing for the whole family.

by editorial staff