Lo stato della green economy in Italia: a novembre torna Ecomondo

The state of the Green Economy in Italy: Ecomondo returns in November

By 3rd from 6th November, the States General of the Green Economy 2015 will be held in Rimini

MILAN – “The state of the Green Economy in Italy”: this is the title of the opening session of the States General of the Green Economy 2015 which will be held in Rimini, in the context of Ecomondo, by 3rd from 6th  November . The two day event is organized by the National Council of the Green Economy, composed of 64 green business associations, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Economic Development, with the technical support of the Foundation for Sustainable Development.

What's new with Ecomondo

The programme contains many new things: in particular, the “1st Report on the State of the Green Economy in Italy” will be presented for the first time in Italy, containing a photograph of green companies nationwide and an analysis of the green economy in key sectors, while also taking a look at the prospects and expectations for the near future. The 2015 edition is also characterized by a strong international impact. In fact, the National Council of the Green Economy, along with the Ministry of Environment, is dedicating a time for reflection on the environmental collaboration between Italy and China, as well as a comparison with Paris in 2015. In light of the International Climate Conference, it will be possible to sign the appeal for Green Companies in Rimini to adhere to the Global Climate Agreement, which will be submitted to the attention of the Ministry of the Environment as a contribution by the Italian green economy. "Now that the recession is behind us - said Edo Ronchi from the National Council of the Green Economy – Italy can focus on the green economy improve and strengthen its recovery. A good international agreement, necessary for the fight against climate change, could provide new impetus for the green economy as well as renewable energy sources which have recently faced serious setbacks in Italy."

Thematic sessions for in-depth examination and consultation at Ecomondo

During the opening session, on the morning of 3 November, Ronchi will present the "Report" and the conclusions will be entrusted to Gian Luca Galletti, from the Ministry of the Environment. The work will continue on the afternoon of 3 November with 5 thematic sessions for in-depth examination and consultation involving the participation of nearly 70 speakers and several international experts addressing topics such as: internationalization of enterprises of the green economy (the Italy-China environmental cooperation, with the participation of The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences); natural capital (drivers for company growth, organized in collaboration with the Global Compact Network Foundation of Italy); call of green companies for the Global Climate Agreement (session organized with ENEA); climate adaptation, mitigation and prevention of hydrogeological instability and policies for the territory (from the Work Group “Management and protection of water and hydrogeological instability” of the National Council of the Green Economy); new economy of waste (industrial solutions and perspectives towards a circular economy, in collaboration with the Technical and Scientific Committee of Ecomondo, the international magazine “Renewable Matter” Environment Issues and the Working Group “"Materials, waste and the circular economy" of the NCGE). The States General of the Green Economy will conclude at Ecomondo on 4 November, with the session dedicated to the Green Economy for Italy's recovery”, with a presentation of the proposals developed by the National Council of the Green Economy.

by editorial staff