L’acqua minerale è un prodotto sicuro e di qualità

Mineral water is a safe and quality product

Renza Tomasello, San Pellegrino Quality Marketing Manager, explains the preventive measures implemented by the company at each stage in the chain

MILAN – In a workshop, with the company inviting a group of students from the University of Verona onto the factory premises at San Giorgio in Bosco (Pd), Renza Tomasello, Quality Marketing Manager at San Pellegrino, explained what lies behind mineral water.

Quality and constant monitoring are a must for bottled mineral water. How does the company seek to meet these basic demands?

We are lucky that we work with a unique resource, namely mineral water, which we seek to bring our consumers just as nature delivers it to us. It is therefore an obligation and basic duty of those who deal with the quality of production and distribution processes to eliminate all those activities which could negatively affect this type of product, maintaining the enhanced safety level adopted by Nestlé Waters. The monitoring process goes from the resins used for manufacturing the bottles and packaging materials and continues throughout each phase of production: the bottling plants run on inert materials to avoid problems of migration; environmental conditions must be maintained so that the product does not suffer any impact from the external environment. From this point, the bottles must be handled in a way which avoids thermic shock, or any other phenomena which would alter the content.

Mineral water is therefore an impeccable product from the point of view of health and hygiene?

Certainly and the original features of purity which characterise it must absolutely be maintained. In order to sum up and simplify the main aspects of the work we perform daily, I can basically say that our activities centre upon the so-called three “C”s. The first refers to “Consumer Delight”, or the duty to delight the customer, always guaranteeing a product of the highest quality; the second pertains to “Compliance”, namely compliance with national and international rules. These are already highly restrictive but in our company, they go way beyond the regulations stipulated by the law, since they pertain to the quality system established by Nestlé and recognised by authoritative international bodies. Finally, the third “C” is about “Competitiveness”, especially from the point of view of reducing environmental impact and production costs.