Ad Acqua Panna il Gruppo Sanpellegrino incontra 20 studenti pisani

In Acqua Panna the Gruppo Sanpellegrino meets with 20 students from Pisa

In the historic plant of Mugello to bring students closer to the labour market and to introduce them to the industrial world with significant local benefits

SCARPERIA (FI) – The Gruppo Sanpellegrino will open the doors of the historic Acqua Panna plant, in the heart of Mugello, to 25 students majoring in Economics at the Università di Pisa [University of Pisa], for an exchange of views and an educational experience helpful in understanding what companies look for in new graduates. The meeting is part of Sanpellegrino Meets University, a project aimed at strengthening student expertise so that they may gain the tools needed to navigate the world of business and position themselves in the labour market.

Acqua Panna for the territory

Acqua Panna is one of the Made in Italy prestigious brands contributing to export Tuscan products throughout the world and creating value locally. A recent study conducted by the Istituto Althesys quantified the value created by this brand in Tuscany at 62 million Euro. The entire chain of production for the historic mineral water of Mugello involves approximately 300 companies employing approximately 430 people in the Region.

Tuscan products worldwide

In addition to these numbers, there is also a return on image, enhancing Tuscan culture worldwide. On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the Estate of Villa Panna, the ancient hunting grounds of the Medici immersed in a natural reserve of 1,300 hectares, the Gruppo Sanpellegrino and the Region of Tuscany signed an important agreement whereby the Institution recognised the mineral water as a 100% Tuscan product, attributing it the Tuscan Taste logo.

The meeting with managers

Precisely to help understand how an industrial concern at such a level and of such complexity works, the company will meet with 25 students from Pisa to strengthen their academic knowledge with the expertise of its managers. Jiri Vacek, HR Director of the Gruppo Sanpellegrino; Prisca Peroni, External Relations Managers of the Gruppo Sanpellegrino; and Donatella Cursi, Plant Manager of Acqua Panna, will lead the student’s learning experience.

The Sanpellegrino Campus project

The initiative is part of a broader Sanpellegrino Campus multi-year project supporting university students and graduates. The Sanpellegrino Campus Award, now in its 3rd edition, is also among these activities, and nurtures talent in recent graduates awarding them 3 scholarships of 1,500 Euro for the best thesis on “Water and Wellbeing”, “Environmental and Economic Sustainability”, and “Made in Italy”. To introduce youth to the workforce even further, each scholarship also includes a potential internship in the company.