Clima, per Obama urge rivedere gli accordi internazionali

Barack Obama: there is urgent need to revise international agreements on climate

During a visit to Alaska, the US President noted the issue of global warming

MILAN - Global warming must be fought vigorously. The voice behind this message isn't just an ordinary purpose, but rather the President of the United States, Barack Obama, during his trip to the glaciers of Alaska. Obama has initiated a real campaign for raising awareness, intended to counter the rising temperatures on Earth. Critical of the lack of commitment put forth by various nations, the President used catastrophic terms to describe the current situation of global warming: "We are not acting quickly enough. In fact, no countries are, including the United States which helped to create this problem".

A trip to see the problem first-hand

Obama took part in an excursion aboard a ship of the US Coast Guard in order to visit the Kenai Fjords National Park. In this pristine place, the big issue is the vast expanses of ice retreating ever faster as a result of global warming. The goal mentioned by the President, who wished to convey a strong image of the situation, is to limit greenhouse gases and achieving a drastic cut of at least 28% within 10 years. This is one of the legacies which the President cares about the most, with the hope of being remembered as the leader who encouraged the rest of the world reverse the current trends. He hopes for a turning point away from the present course: "The problem of climate change can still be resolved, and we still have the power to do so. But we must act now. However, if we continue as we are then we will be condemning our children to live in a world with problems they will not be able to solve. The inhabitants of these islands, which are destined to be devoured by the sea, will be increasingly on their own. Climate change – Obama concluded - is already destroying our agriculture, ecosystems, water, food supply, sources of energy, and infrastructure."

Environmental Degradation

The American leader's trip did not involve the launch of any new federal initiatives to slow global warming, but it laid a solid foundation for the commitment of the US to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while inviting other world leaders to do the same. Despite these efforts, the United States does not represent an example when it comes to greenhouse gases. In fact, every American emits twice the amount of carbon dioxide than one Chinese and 10 times more than an Indian person. The US, China, and India are the biggest polluters in the world. 

by editorial staff