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What does "Water Stewardship” mean?

Shared and sustainable management of water resources: this is the approach of Nestlé Waters

Milan - Nestlé Waters, which operates in Italy through the Sanpellegrino Group, is committed to the continuous improvement of its practices for managing water resources in their factories and constantly collaborates with other interested parties (authorities and communities) for the sustainability of water resources. One of its main partnerships is with the AWS (Alliance for Water Stewardship), an international association that aims to promote sustainable and inclusive management of water resources worldwide. The AWS has developed a reference standard, i.e. certification that guides, recognises, and rewards the achievement of the best practices water resource management.

A team dedicated to protecting water

Nestlé Waters has gained real experience in the responsible management of water resources and has assembled a dedicated team of hydrogeologists within its 93 factories throughout the world, all involved in safeguarding water and ensuring that the necessary preventative actions are implemented to protect the sources of water. Management of a mining concession and the underlying aquifer requires appropriate technical and professional skills, which Sanpellegrino credits for its ability to maintain a high level of management and control over time, with emphasis first and foremost on the quali-quantitative preservation of assets, and the transmission, in its well-known historical integrity, to future generations, and in all cases to Nature, the true owner.

The commitment of Nestlé Waters

Nestlé Waters is committed to ensuring that the collection and the bottling of mineral water is carried out within a strictly protected catchment area to ensure the long-term conservation of its quantity and quality. The closer one gets to the point of collection, the stricter the protective measures become. Sanpellegrino carries out scientific studies on the aquifers and initiates agreements with other operators active in the protected areas in order to systematically implement the best management practices for the territory. The results of this type of activity make it possible to achieve the objectives set by current legislation and to operate through a license to use the water, which has been issued and approved by the competent public authority. “Water Stewardship is a path for everyone” - says Carlo Galli, Head of Sustainability at Nestlé Waters, “it's not enough for a single Nestlé factory to comply with the regulations; rather, the whole community must be committed to working towards continuous development. We must ensure that people do not come to the conclusion that this is a competitive area: Water Stewardship is too important to just be that”.



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