Levissima: una limited edition per i 30 anni di Super Mario Bros

30 years of Super Mario Bros celebrated by Levissima with a limited edition

Levissima adorns Issima, the little bottle of mineral water conceived for the very youngest amongst us, with three new labels inspired by the virtual super hero

MILAN – He is the legendary Super Mario Bros super hero, the main character in one of the video games best loved by all age groups. It is the unique little bottle in the shape of  a flask, conceived by Levissima for the very youngest members of society. Out of this union was born the Issima Limited Edition, where the three main characters come from Nintendo video games. Super Mario, the plumber who jumps from one platform to another to save Princess Toadstool; Luigi, his taller, skinnier brother, and Yoshi, the brave dinosaur and invaluable ally in the fight against the bad guys.

The legendary video game

Young and old alike, everyone has played the Nintendo Super Mario Bros videogame at least once in their lives. First released in Japan exactly thirty years ago and set in the fantastical Mushroom Kingdom, the game tells the story of two brothers who set out on an intrepid journey to save the princess abducted by the evil Bowser, arch-enemy of Super Mario. There are many trials to overcome using the magical Power-ups, which help gain victory, level by level, such as the Super Mushroom which doubles you in size, the Mushroom Flower which enables you to throw fire balls, or the Star which endows you with temporary, but very valuable invincibility. 

Prizes for children

Until 31 December, 2015, on purchasing one of Levissima’s little flask-shaped bottles, younger fans of the Super Mario video game can also take part in the competition and win many prizes. Customers who tear off the tamper-proof seal from the bottle and find the caption “You have won”, will win a new Nintendo 3DS, games for Nintendo 3DS and a Super Mario cover for the new 3DS. However, those who do not win will also be able to take part in the final draw and receive one of the 2 Wii U Mario&Luigi Premium Packs being offered as prizes.

Accessing the new Issima Web page, all users will be able to experience Super Mario PhotoBooth. An actual virtual “photobooth” which enables you to take your own selfie, edit photos with special effects and superimpose them with the image of your favourite character from the video game, choosing between Super Mario, Luigi and the Magic Mushroom.

Moreover, another surprise awaits all children at retail outlets across Italy: from June to September, in all supermarkets participating in the Issima-Super Mario campaign, the Super Mario mascot shall set off on a tour with Issima, meeting young consumers at retail outlets and organising promotional activities.