Nasce il  “libro da bere”, il volume che purifica l’acqua

“The Drinkable Book” is launched; the book which can purify water

It was presented by Teri Dankovich at the last meeting of the American Chemical Society

MILAN – A book is usually bought to be read by avid readers. A romance, a hot historical, or perhaps a detective novel are the commonest choices made by readers. But this is something quite special:  an invention by Dr. Teri Dankovich, who, at the last meeting of the American Chemical Society presented the so-called “Drinkable Book”, a book which can rid water of bacteria. A new invention which claims to filter water through its very pages.

How does it work?

The pages of this special book contain silver or copper nanoparticles, capable of eliminating 99% of the bacteria present in water. They have been treated in a way which enables them to be used as an actual filter, even capable of purifying the most polluted liquids. The instructions for use are provided within it. You simply have to tear out a page, put it in a container and pour the dirty water through it. All the bacteria present will be absorbed by the copper and silver ions, effectively removing bacteria from the water. Dr. Teri Dankovich, after having developed this special book with her colleagues,  asserts that it is for use in developing countries, where contaminated water carries serious risks to the health. The study illustrates how one page can filter a good 100 litres of water and as a result, a whole book is capable of filtering enough water to meet an individual’s requirements for around 4 years. The invention has been tested by experts in the laboratory on samples from 25 contaminated sites in South Africa, Ghana and Bangladesh.

On the market very soon

After having achieved significant results, Dankovich’s book will have to pass final tests for the fine-tuning of a commercially marketable design, which is also effective against viruses and protozoa. The procedure for launching it onto the market is still long, but the results are indeed hopeful for the experts. Dr. Dankovich’s objective is to see her product launched on a large commercial scale in the near future.

by editorial staff