Arriva Memobottle, la bottiglia d’acqua quadrata da mettere in borsa_alt tag

Here comes Memobottle, the square water bottle that fits in your bag

A design accessory that helps to always have water in your bag in a practical and innovative way

MILAN - You are leaving the house. You take the first bottle at hand but you understand that it will never fit in the laptop shoulder bag or in the handbag.  Have you ever had this problem? Two young Australians invented a way of always having an appropriate reserve of water, of vital importance when not at home.  Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt, after a fundraising campaign on the web, have created MemoBottle, a "square" bottle that is available in three formats: A4, A5 and Letter (750 ml and 1.25 litres, respectively).

Design accessory

It is now a known fact that water bottles are becoming more and more a lifestyle object, inspiring fashion and trends. But the two Australian went beyond any previous attempt, managing to "reduce" it to the dimension of a sheet of paper. "For years we have been focusing on design solutions that can offer ecological benefits, improving also our daily comforts" they declared.  In order to obtain the necessary funds, Leeworthy and Byrt used the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, and instead of the 15,000 dollars aimed for, around 261,000 were raised, demonstrating also how the coupling of design with food industry products is very appreciated.

Memobottle features

Aesthetic qualities go hand in hand with their every-day practical uses. In three different formats, it can be fitted into any bag or rucksack and it is made in non-toxic polyester that can also go in the dishwasher. It can be bought online on the Memobottle website at reasonable prices, from 11 to 25 dollars. Surely an unusual present, but a useful and a fashionable one.

by editorial staff