Le bottiglie PET si trasformano in abbigliamento

PET bottles transformed into clothing - the new frontier of fashion

Polartec has produced 27 million clothing items with filaments derived from recycled plastic bottles

MILAN – The latest news in the field of clothing from recycled materials has come out of Massachusetts. In fact, Polartec - a company which is very active in the development of textile innovations - said that it has recycled its billionth bottle made with PET (polyethylene terephthalate). In 2014, over 60% of Polartec's national production used recycled filaments to produce clothing. These fabrics are used in all of the company's platforms, and it claims to have produced about 27 million jackets, enough for every person in the State of Texas.

Recycling in connection with clothing

The inclusion of recycled materials in the production processes of clothing companies has received a major boost in recent years: "We knew that recycled materials would not reduce the company's performance if the large brands used such fabrics on a large scale - says Polartec CEO Gary Smith - "This was another seemingly impossible challenge which we have managed to overcome. Our recycled fabrics have also received awards, along with our virgin fabrics". It's a good start, but the Polartec project should also further encourage the recycling process and distribute growing amounts of fabrics derived from PET plastic bottles: "One billion bottles is a good start, but there are still plenty of opportunities to innovate and we hope to be able to help our brands to create environmentally sustainable clothing for many years to come".

A commitment on behalf of the environment

The company has developed Repreve 100, a filament made 100% from plastic bottles, and it claims that in terms of quality there is nothing lacking when compared to fabrics made from virgin polyester. Repreve 100 is available in a large variety of colours and styles, able to satisfy the demands of any brand looking to incorporate an ecological element into their clothing. Polartec said that its commitment to the environment doesn't stop with fabrics. The company has made great infrastructural changes at its production facilities in order to limit their environmental impact. From 24% less consumption of electricity to the recycling of paper, the American company has set out to mark the way forward to preserving the land through environmentally sustainable corporate policies.

by editorial staff