Pyrus, la bottiglia smart amica della nostra idratazione

Pyrus, the smart bottle friendly to hydration

It can contain up to 320 millilitres, and has a system that warns the consumer when it is necessary to drink. It is also eco-friendly.

MILAN – Drinking a lot of water is one of the best ways to keep in shape. We have been taught this since we were children.

During the long days at work or studying it is not however easy to remember to drink regularly. Thankfully there are smart bottles like Pyrus which, thanks to their notifications, take care of our hydration.

The Pyrus smart bottle

Pyrus is a simple bottle with a capacity of up to 320 millilitres.

In its lower part, the container has been provided with LED lights and with a speaker which warns us when it is time to drink.

Pyrus is not a simple Thermos bottle for water but it can also work as a clock or an alarm clock. It is possible to set notifications for water at eight different rates.

For example, every half hour or every hour. In total, according to the manufacturers, we should have eight small glasses of water at our disposal to manage our day at work or at the university.

Price and characteristics

Pyrus is on sale on several e-commerce sites at a price of 31.99 dollars. At current exchange rates, around 26 Euros.

Pyrus can stand liquids at temperatures between zero and 120 degrees and weighs 296 grams in total.

Therefore, it can be easily transported in a backpack or handbag. The Thermos is made with Tritan, a very eco-friendly material.

by Salvatore Galeone

September 21, 2017

credits: Pyrus