Dal Regno Unito arriva Molly, il cane amante del riciclo

In South Derbyshire you can find a dog who is obsessed with recycling

In the United Kingdom, it is a Jack Russell who is leading the way against the pollution of the planet

MILAN – The problem of pollution is always in the news and campaigns are frequently launched  to raise awareness of the need to recycle what we throw away. Events which serve to keep this flame alive drive people to take care of the planet. In South Derbyshire however, something special is happening, because the driving force for citizens to respect nature is a dog called Milly, a Jack Russell who is obsessed with recycling. Still on the other side of the Channel, there has already been the case of Tubby, a gorgeous labrador who loved recycling.

A day in the life of Milly

While several countries fight to rid their communities of rubbish, South Derbyshire has a real expert in waste-sorting: a Jack Russell called Milly. With nine years behind her, Milly is no longer a young pup, bouncing with energy, but this does not prevent her from doing her bit for the environment, recycling plastic bottles. “She has always been a bit different – said her owner, Angie Kirkland – She started collecting anything she could get in her mouth: bottles and empty boxes, during our walks. Then she would carry them home to put in the bin. We could be anywhere, but she always managed to take something home. Everyone in my village knows Milly as “The recycling dog”. Every day during our walks in the park, we collect rubbish we find on the ground”. An activity which is no mean endeavour and is even an obsession for Milly, this adorable “recycling dog”: “It is really amusing to see her obsession with collecting rubbish. Recently, we have accumulated a whole load of stuff”.

When did this obsession with recycling begin?

Milly’s passion for keeping her village tidy started several years ago, a desire which is not shared by all and sundry. Perhaps it is more accurate to call it a “mission” born of a doggy spirit that has made this Jack Russell famous in her village. A very different animal, in the words of Mrs. Kirkland, which has been able to send out a strong message to anyone who, in their everyday lives, is not interested in the health and cleanliness of our planet.

by editorial staff