Water Walker, il tapis roulant acquatico

Water Walker, the water treadmill that helps you to run and relax

The innovative treadmill for running immersed in a water “tub” arrives from Japan.

MILAN – The last innovation in fitness called “Water Walker”. What are we talking about? Of the revolutionary “underwater” treadmill made in Japan which is exciting all fitness and wellbeing fans. Yes, because this extraordinary transparent “tub” combines the useful with the pleasurable: jogging and relaxing with hydro-massage. A true treasure.

Fitness and Spa

Its appearance is very reminiscent of a large bathtub with the only difference that, in this case, the walls are higher and transparent. Every Water Walker comes with a monitor which permits the adjustment of all functions: it is possible to check performance data, set the intensity (modifying the incline and speed of the treadmill) and choose the music (or video) to which to exercise. Do not fear, however, if you don’t feel like exercising, because the Water Walker also includes a Spa function which lets you enjoy a relaxing water massage.

Exercise in water

There are multiple benefits in exercising in water: it stimulates the circulation, strengthens muscles, reduces swelling and helps to fight water retention. As we know, our body weight is significantly reduced in water and, in consequence, the impact of exercise on joints is also reduced (it is not by chance that exercise in water started as a rehabilitative therapy). This allows our muscles to move more freely but with greater intensity. The resistance of water to movement, in fact, exercise a natural massage on the whole body, sculpting and toning it.

by Alessandro Conte

June 9, 2017

credits: water-walker.jp