I 10 motivi per cui bisogna bere acqua ogni mattina

The 10 reasons why we need to drink water every morning

It speeds up our intellectual faculties, combats fatigue and revives the skin. These are just some of the benefits of drinking water

MILAN –Hands up all those who find it really hard to get up in the morning feeling ready and on the ball straight away. We will let you into a little secret which will surprisingly reveal 10 health benefits. A simple glass of water is enough to transform your day. Let us see why.

The brain works faster

It has been scientifically proven that drinking a lot of water every morning can increase brain activity by 10 to 20%. This is because water is an element which, thanks to its electrolytes, speeds up nerve impulses, thus enhancing brain activity.


Water functions like a detergent: it washes away dangerous toxins, without causing any side effects. Drinking a glass of it every morning should therefore become a habit for everyone.

Prevents cancer

Several studies have established that amongst the potential benefits of drinking water, there is also a preventive effect against certain serious illnesses. A steady flow of urination from the bladder actually reduces the chances of developing cancer by 50%. Such high percentages are also cited for the prevention of colon cancer (45%) and breast cancer (36%).

Weight loss

If you are anxious to reduce your calorie intake (and therefore your weight), you can rely on a glass of water. Water speeds up the metabolism, which burns up more energy and also manages to distribute nutrients more effectively.

Combats fatigue

Tiredness is a state which will cause us to wake up more slowly. This sense of fatigue is most often due to dehydration, which impedes the normal transmission of nerve impulses and leads to the metabolism failing to function as it should.

A natural cure for a headache

It has been scientifically demonstrated that water is a natural cure for migraines, headaches and certain types of back pain. Drinking two to four glasses in the morning will help you take good care of yourself.

Goodbye to hangovers

Alcohol consumption promotes the occurrence of dehydration. Let us see why, after a heavy night, a full recovery is simply a atter of drinking a glass of water.

A tonic for the skin

Water and the skin have a very special affinity. Radiance and softness are also guaranteed by hydrating the skin from within, namely by drinking water.

Benefits the digestion

In the digestive process, water plays a crucial role. It keeps so-called ‘congestion’ at bay in our bodies (constipation), protects the liver and assists the kidneys.

Protects the joints and cartilage

Cartilage is made up of 80% waterArthritis usually attacks the joints and cartilage systems. Mineral water helps to keep joints lubricated, preventing inflammation and joint pain.

by editorial staff