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The 4 benefits of a glass of lemon water in the morning

A piece of advice from many nutritionists to set you on the right footing as soon as you wake up

MILAN – How many of you would like to go on sleeping, despite the merciless ringing of the alarm? From taking the kids to school to the idea of perhaps being stuck in traffic, such are the many different thoughts which assail us while we are still in bed. However, there is a small but surprising secret which can give us a boost, while also providing a sense of wellbeing and health. A useful tip, also recommended by many nutritionists, is to drink a glass of warm water with a little lemon juice. For the 4 specified benefits for health, see the American portal

1. Helps you to detox every day 

Although lemons can taste rather sour, they are surprisingly a good “alkaline” food, which helps balance the pH in our bodies. The renowned American expert in integrative medicine, Frank Lipman, explains that a glass of hot lemon water is the perfect combination to “wake up” the liver and clear away harmful toxins.

2. Stimulates the digestive tract

A simple glass of warm lemon water will not only stimulate the digestion, but also considerably improve our body’s capacity to absorb nutrients throughout the day and facilitate gastrointestinal functioning.

3. Supports weight loss

Lemon juice contains pectin, a soluble fibre which has been proven to aid the “battle” against weight gain. One glass of warm lemon water is a beverage which, as an alternative to other solutions in the morning, can help reduce calories in our daily diets.

4. Soothes the stomach

When we go to bed on a full stomach, it is very common to experience the discomfort of heartburn or some inflammation of the colon the following morning. Warm water cleanses the stomach, while the flavonoids in the lemon juice help reduce acidity, bringing relief.