I 5 segnali con cui il tuo corpo ti invita a bere più acqua alt_tag

The 5 signals that your body sends to invite you to drink more water

From muscular weakness to dry skin: the English expert Steven Aitchison lists the 5 “alarms” that can be overcome simply by drinking a glass of water

MILAN – It could be said that water is the answer to everything. At least this is the conclusion which the English expert psychologist Steven Aitchison has reached after having examined some of the common disorders which we suffer every day. The central idea they share is lack of water. Here are the 5 “alarms” our body sends us which we can easily overcome with a simple glass of water.

Constant headaches

Many headaches are caused by stress, some are triggered by food, others by smells, but it is likely that most headaches are due to a lack of water. In fact, when you do not drink enough water the brain dehydrates and expresses its “thirst” with this symptom. 


If you a lacking in energy, lazy and do not feel like doing the usual everyday activities, try checking how much water you have drunk. It is probably not enough. Remember that you can hydrate yourself not only by drinking water but also by eating fruit and vegetables, which are rich in water, trace mineral and vitamins.

Olive skin is not very elastic

Expensive creams are only temporary fixes. The simple truth is that this skin condition needs water. Just think that skin is composed of 64% water and when it is wrinkled and dry it is because it is not sufficiently hydrated.

Weak muscles

If you feel that you do not have sufficient strength to lift a bag of food or even to walk, it is very likely that your muscles are severely dehydrated. In order to function properly, they need water and oxygen. For this reason a glass of water or a piece of fruit are an excellent – if not the most immediate – solution.

Dark urine

Urine should be a very pale yellow colour. Water helps expel toxins and waste products from our body and, for this reason if you do not drink enough, urine takes on a characteristic dark colour.

by Alessandro Conte