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5 tips for preventing “tech-neck”

Neck and back pain are often caused by the use of technology. One of the remedies for combatting this is also to drink more water

MILAN –According to the Telegraph, increasing numbers of young people are seeking medical advice for neck and backache due to the excessive use of mobile devices. And even if it is true that technology has done so much for us, it is also true it has its drawbacks, to the point where it can seriously put our health in jeopardy. Experts have in fact verified that amongst young people aged between 16 and 34 years, there is a 60 per cent increase in those suffering from “tech-neck”. Here are some useful tips for preventing it.

The “Text Neck” Download

Android users can download "Text Neck" and receive real time feedback on the correctness of their posture when standing, via a red or green light. Users can also opt for acoustic signals and vibrations, which are activated when their posture starts to move out of line.

Adjust the computer monitor to eye-level

If you work in an office, it is highly unlikely you work without a screen. This is why the best way to avoid massive, albeit imperceptible neck stress, is to adjust the screen to the level of your eyes, thus maintaining good posture.

Do neck exercises occasionally

There are a series of exercises which are easy to perform when seated at your desk, in order to reduce stiffness and pain in the neck. Small up and down movements are enough to restore vitality to the muscles of the neck.

Use a “porta-tablet”

Those who use tablets often bend their heads forward to use the device, which is often positioned on flat surfaces or on laps. Using a support will help to maintain the tablet at eye-level, preventing the weight from being shifted onto the neck.

Ensure adequate hydration

The discs of the spinal column are mainly made up of water; therefore, it is important to stay hydrated during the day, in order to maintain flexibility and health. This goes to prove that the old unwritten rule about eight glasses of water per day still holds true.