Le 6 cose che accadono quando il corpo non ha abbastanza acqua

The 6 things which happen when the body does not get enough water

Mood, wrinkles, and metabolic rate are influenced by a lack of water

MILAN – Water and oxygen are the most important nutrients for the body. A person can survive for only three minutes without air and just three days without water. The water supply to the body is responsible for all bodily functions. See 6 things that happen when we do not drink enough in a day.

Greater likelihood of health problems

Drinking a lot of water has been associated with reduced likelihood of developing kidney stones and other more serious health conditions, such as heart attacks and cancer of the colon and urinary tract.

No water means a slower metabolism

In studies conducted for the book The Secret Water, Dr. Howard Murad discovered that a person’s basal metabolic rate (or how many calories are burned when the body is at rest) is faster if the body is sufficiently hydrated.

The brain works more slowly

At the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College, London, in 2011 scientists discovered that in a low state of hydration, the brain function is inhibited. This was verified in a sample of adolescents who were asked to solve several puzzles: those who had not drunk enough took longer over them.

You eat more

One study conducted some years ago by the Institute for Public Health and Water Research on 45 adults revealed that those who drank 2 glasses of water before eating reduced their calorie intake by 75 to 90 during the meal.

You get more wrinkles

Again, Howard Murad illustrates in his book how water helps to “fill in” the wrinkles and revive the complexion.

You will be in a bad mood

One study by Tufts University subjected a group of men and women to intense aerobic activity without them drinking enough beforehand. At the end of the hour of exercising, apart from fatigue, feelings of tension and irritability were also confirmed.

by editorial staff