I 7 trucchi per bere più acqua

7 tips to drink more water

Calculating your requirements, keeping it constantly within view, using an App: here are some tips for increasing water consumption during the day

MILAN – We all know water is essential for human survival and for leading a healthy life. We need to be aware, however, that our bodies do not have any mechanisms for storing the water we drink and therefore, we need to drink continually. As a result, we need to remind ourselves to do so and for this purpose, there are several suggestions which could be helpful for us.

- Work out your requirements. The amount of water will vary according to weight, state of health, the climate where you live and any physical activity you do. Intake, therefore, is also calculated according to these parameters and tools have also been designed to do this.

- Drink gradually. There is no need to drink 2-3 glasses of water all in one hit. This is also because your kidneys will have to function beyond their normal level in such a situation. A better option is to take a few sips of water every 15 minutes: this will help the body stay hydrated and regulate metabolic processes.

- Always keep water in view. If you look at it often, you will remember to drink it. For this reason, it is also a good idea to have a bottle of water in sight on your desk or work area.

- “Eat” the water. Fruit and vegetables are foodstuffs with a high water content and they represent an intelligent way of increasing water intake. The best options are watermelon and strawberries, which on average contain 92% water. Other “hydrating” foods are oranges, grapes, cherries, tomatoes, spinach and radishes: besides providing many nutrients, they also help us stay healthy and fit.

- The thirst-quenching flavour of coconut. Water flavoured with coconut is an easy way to refresh yourself and relax. Apart from being made up of 94% water, coconuts also contain an excellent combination of electrolytes and have moderate carbohydrate and sugar content.

- Stay hydrated while out of doors. On exertion, the body loses a great deal of water and it makes no sense to recover the fluids lost by drinking a large quantity of water at once. In this case it is also appropriate to drink a little at a time and to do so before, during and after physical activity. 

- Drinking with an App. There are various mobile phone applications which not only make recommendations on things like increasing your water intake, but also monitor your routine and remind you to drink. WaterMinder and iDrated are free and worth trying out.