Bevi poca acqua? Allora sei più irritabile!

Do you drink little water? Then you could be more irritable!

According to a scientific study, those who consume less water throughout the day are more prone to mood swings

MILAN - Are you irritated? You may just be thirsty. According to a new scientific study, being slightly dehydrated can increase the risk of negative side effects on one's mood. And with summer just around the corner this is why it is important to once again highlight the importance of staying well-hydrated. A few extra glasses of water can have a positive impact on our mood.

The Study

Researchers from the University of California have conducted a study on people who normally drink 2.5 litres of water per day, as well as people who usually drink less than 1.2 litres per day. The first group was asked to reduce their consumption to 1 litre of water per day, and the second was told to increase their consumption to 2.5 litres. As the research was being conducted, a range of moods were noted. Those who decreased their water consumption noted less contentment, calm, positive emotions, and pro-activeness. The other group, however, felt less fatigue, confusion, or the need to drink. The study definitively established a relationship between low water intake and increased irritability.

Proper hydration

How much water do you need? Relying just on one's sense of thirst is not enough. This is because after age 50 this sense may decrease in people with certain health conditions, such as diabetics. There are a few subjective factors involved in this such as body weight, activity level, etc., as well as objective factors such as temperature or climate. With regard to water, an unwritten rule is the classic notion of drinking eight glasses per day, but the way one eats can also help to achieve the right amount of water needed by the body. Much of the water in our diet (around one third) is absorbed through well-known "hydrating" food, namely fruits and vegetables. And with the arrival of summer and higher temperatures, it is preferable to increase one's water consumption in order to meet the liquid and mineral requirements necessary for proper metabolic function.