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Do you want to lose weight? Drink half a litre of water before main meals

A study has shown that consuming 500 ml before each meal can help to lose weight

MILAN - Without a doubt, the most common thing said by those returning to the city from holidays is that they need to get back in shape. Yet this can often be a difficult goal after summer binges. Returning to the normal regime in such cases can be complicated; but is it possible to assuage our cravings? Researchers of Primary Care Clinical Science have sought to modify one's perception of fullness in order to limit feelings of hunger, for which they advise the consumption of 500 ml of water half an hour before main meals. The results of tests conducted on dozens of samples have showed that drinking fluids before meals helped people to lose weight.

According to Helen M. Parretti

"We believe that drinking 500 ml of water before main meals presents a simple message that could be given by healthcare providers to obese patients requiring dietary advice - says Helen M. Parretti, PhD student of Primary Care Clinical Science at the University of Birmingham - A healthy diet, in connection with regular physical activity, can help one to achieve ideal weight and form at a healthy and moderate pace". Parretti and her colleagues analysed the data collected from 84 experiences. 41 of these people were instructed to drink 500 ml of water before main meals. In the following weeks, after providing consultations regarding the weight of the participants and analysing urine samples appropriate for measuring various parameters, the researchers found that the people who were told to drink water before meals had lost an average of 1.3 kg more than the second group.

Water is effective

The researchers presented further evidence of adults who claimed to have lost an average of 4.3 kg in 12 weeks by consuming the specified amount of water 3 times a day before meals. This simple yet effective method can help people to stay in shape in the most natural way possible. This "therapy" not only benefits our waistline, but it also helps to keep our body hydrated, as a large amount of fluids are required during the day.

by editorial staff