Drink more water will help you have a super summer

Many people underestimate the advantages of proper hydration

MILAN – We are reaching the peak of the summer season and in order to avoid showing signs of flagging in the face of constant heatwaves, staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for your health. According to the association, Dieticians of Canada, adults should drink two to three litres of water per day.

Never forget your bottle of water

Even if the suffocating heat of recent weeks has led us to eat lots of fruit, the experts keep emphasising, however, that most of the fluids we consume in a day should come from water. Several studies have demonstrated that most of us do not follow this simple advice when we talk about hydration. Indeed, 75 per cent of Americans and 89 per cent of Brits, suffer from chronic mild dehydration. Symptoms like thirst, dizzy spells, tiredness, nausea, chills, headaches and muscle cramps can all be symptoms or signs of dehydration. In this case, the experts recommend a consistent intake of water throughout the day, without upsetting the body’s natural balance.

Drink regularly to stay on top form this summer

The mass August exodus is around the corner and millions of Italians are ready to take to their cars or an aeroplane, setting off on trips to the seaside or mountain resorts. To enjoy your holidays to the full, the most important thing is to stay well and healthy. Water has a fundamental role to play in this sense and hydration helps us cope best with the summer heat, enjoying all the possibilities holidays can offer. From mountain excursions to strolls along the seashore, staying hydrated at all times will guarantee maximum wellness every day. Always keeping a bottle of water to hand is the right answer to staying constantly hydrated and in good health.

by editorial staff