Quattro milioni di britannici non bevono abbastanza acqua

Four million Britons don’t drink sufficient water

The Britons are last in keeping their body properly hydrated

MILAN – A research published on Express.uk, has revealed alarming data on the hydration of the British population. As many as 4 million Britons are not adequately hydrated. A state of health that leads to a variety of ailments of the body, which we must consider is made up of 2/3 water, an essential element for the lubrication of joints and eyes, one that helps digestion, that is able to eliminate body waste, toxins and maintain a healthy, moisture skin.

Effects of dehydration

When the normal contents of water inside our body is reduced, the balance of minerals is disrupted and consequences the beneficial properties are altered. The first warning signs of dehydration include thirst, dry mouth, fatigue and urine of a darker colour. In the United Kingdom one person out of 5 suffers from “chronic fatigue”. Experts claim that one of the main causes is in fact dehydration.

How much water should we drink?

Experts have attempted to establish an ideal daily intake of water, but results have confirmed that this may vary according to the individual and to factors such as age, sex, climate and physical activity. Drinking plenty of water in order not to feel thirsty too often, is a sign of a healthy state of hydration, as also the clear colour of the urine.

Habit is important

It is important to “practice drinking more water” during the day until it becomes a daily routine. Try drinking an extra glass of water before you go to bed, after your morning shower and before drinking your coffee. These simple gestures could become quite precious.

 by editorial staff