Nestlé lancia la campagna che incoraggia i bambini ad idratarsi

Nestlé launches a campaign to encourage children to stay hydrated

‘The Ripple Effect’ way, encouraging adolescents to drink more water

MILAN – The creators of Nestlé Pure Life have announced the launch of a new campaign to encourage children to drink more water. It is called ‘The Ripple Effect’ and it aims to raise awareness amongst adolescents of the topic of hydration. One recent study conducted by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health revealed that over half of children and adolescents are insufficiently hydrated. Serious dehydration may be associated with serious health problems, but this decrease can also cause various problems, including headaches, irritability, poor physical performance and reduced cognitive function.

Nestlé Pure Life

A recent survey conducted for Nestlé Pure Life revealed that 97% of mums believe one healthy choice will lead to other positive choices. To kick-start the ‘Ripple Effect’ project, the brand collaborated with After-School All-Stars, a leading national-level supplier of global after-school programmes. Nestlé Pure Life has committed itself to supplying almost a million units of water to children during the current school year.

Comments from Ben Paul and Bonnie McLaughlin

“Our mission has always been to help children achieve success at school and in their lives”, said Ben Paul, President and CEO of After-School All-Stars, “Choosing a healthy lifestyle is essential. We are enthusiastic about encouraging kids to maintain healthy habits when it comes to hydration, thanks to our partnership with Nestlé Pure Life, who offer our kids bottles of water to keep them hydrated: during their activities at school and beyond and all in an ecologically responsible way”. In a campaign to raise awareness amongst young people of the topic: "Our mission is to encourage everyone to drink more water”, explained Bonnie McLaughlin, director of PHA Drink Up; “We are inspired to have Nestlé Pure Life as one of our partners, helping to facilitate these efforts through the excellent work undertaken by the ‘Ripple Effect’ programme”.

The survey

The survey by Nestlé Pure Life moreover revealed how 33% of mums maintain that convincing their kids to drink water on a regular basis is a task which is more demanding than encouraging them to do sport or eat breakfast: “Keeping your kids hydrated is not always easy, because of the hectic schedule of daily life”, said nutritional consultant Robin Plotkin; “Even if this might be a battle, the importance of encouraging healthy habits in your children during their early years can have significant results, serving as the building blocks for a healthy lifestyle”. In addition, the survey revealed that children who drink four or more glasses of water per day often display healthy habits, such as always having a bottle of water to hand, or eating fruit and vegetables with meals.

 by editorial staff