L’arte del riciclo alla conquista dell’America

The art of recycling is taking over America

In Neperville, Lucy Slivinski has created a work of art made from recycled plastic thanks to the help of the public

MILAN - In order to protect nature, even art has done its part by inspiring established or street artists to create works of art from recycled plastic. In the particular case of Neperville, Illinois, Lucy Slivinski has created a sculpture made from plastic bottles, finished with the help of visitors.

A work created to spread awareness

The work, which was created for “celebrating water” at the Knoch Knolls Nature Center in Naperville, has been a huge success among the public having been made a participatory endeavour by the artist, who invites any who are curious and willing to help her complete the work made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Through the use of waste materials, Lucy Slivinski has been able to guide adults and children on the use of plastic bottles in all shapes and sizes, teaching them how to assemble a work of art. Once realized, the creation was able to convey strong emotions to the public, not just for having learned about the art of recycling, but also from the knowing that it only takes a little effort to transform a less valuable object into a work of art. Specializing in the use of recycled and waste materials, the American artist has produced several masterpieces over the years.

The artist's thoughts

The artist has come to understand how recycling waste materials is a simple but effective action: "I am amazed to see the regenerative power of life" says Slivinski. "Through recycling, we have an excellent opportunity to reshape waste materials and turn them into works of infinite beauty". The art of recycling is becoming ever more widespread, and can return life to waste materials which would otherwise be destined to just end up in garbage cans.

by editorial staff