Cappellini parla del restyling della S. Pellegrino Factory

Cappellini talks about the restyling of the S.Pellegrino Factory

Giulio Cappellini, architect and Art Director evaluates the projects for the restyling of the new S.Pellegrino mineral water factory

MILAN – The factory becomes a place in which to come into contact with the story of a brand and discover what’s behind the bottle of water that conquered the world. Famous architect Giulio Cappellini summarizes the project for the restyling of the S.Pellegrino factory which he evaluated together with other important experts. This is what he said at the inauguration of the S.Pellegrino Flagship Factory:

S.Pellegrino mineral water is famous throughout the world. I travel more than 200 days a year and to see it served in the top hotels and restaurants is of course a great pleasure. To understand where this product is bottled and to understand the essence of the factory are fundamental elements. The factory, designed by one of the most important contemporary architecture studios, becomes a destination in which to experience an atmosphere and to see what a company looks like.

For many people coming from Italy and Europe, this experience means taking part in the production and the history of S.Pellegrino. This factory will reveal what lies behind a mineral water in terms of research and innovation thus bringing a considerable added value.

Finally, speaking of the projects, I found the four that were presented truly exceptional. I was impressed by BIG’s project because it opens the factory onto its surroundings. There’s a strong interaction between the interior and the exterior, therefore not a factory that is detached and closed on itself but one that opens onto the territory. Then there’s the idea of the piazza, or rather the idea of creating an opportunity to meet; the possibility of holding events was also a winning element. Lastly, the great modernity of the project lies, as you can see from the use of the arches, in the respect shown to the history, the culture and the tradition of the place”.

February 23, 2017